Friday 24 February 2017

Terminalia 2017: A Geographer's Account

Terminus - The God of Boundary Markers
by Andy Turner

1. Introduction

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2. Background

3. 2017-02-23

3.1. Do all things have a beginning and an end? An exploration into linking things together

  • So another year passes and I pick up to some extent where I left off near South Gate by The Adelphi just South of the river.
  • Before that I had a happy dérive over water under train with an old map of the bounds and some chance meetings by waterhouse place not far from old haunts and new.


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  1. I am honored this is here. Evolution must and I would just like to point out for all those learning about crab cannons and the importance of asymmetry and recursions on a theme - that the link at the top of the article is to a document that will evolve over time with my experience of Terminalia and recollections. Included in the revisions but not otherwise shown here I point you this: A crab canon for Douglas Hofstadter
    Happy exploring fellow time lords :-) May peace be with us and March on Spring. Adieux and with it - A FAREWELL TO SARTRE. What's in a name hey? Well I don't know, whodathunkit!