Wednesday, 2 June 2021

Psychogeography News - June 2021


Here’s June’s psychogeography-related news. I hope there is something of interest for you here. Thanks for reading.


The Fourth World Congress of Psychogeography is convening again in September, please click here for the up-to-date info (I apologise for missing the call date). Here’s a 2020 article in FAD Magazine about the Greek-American artist Gerasimos Floratos and his psychogeographical renderings exhibited at that time. And this BBC article looks at the art of ‘drain spotting’.


This super online resource, from Stanford Libraries in the US, is about working with historical maps online. It includes geo-referencing, overlaying and exporting and comes in the form of a tutorial.


The Biennale Architecttura 2021 is now on. Here’s the official website. It’s on till November 2021 in Venice. I appreciate we can’t necessarily travel, but there looks like lots of useful links on there, and there may be online talks. This article in ArchDaily looks at the threat of demolition in regard to the brutalist Nagakin Capsule Tower in Tokyo. And, this website looks at 3D printed architecture.


This is an interesting article in The Conversation about a farmer who moved a rock and accidentally changed a national border. And, finally, in The Guardian there is an article about some sewage works in Edinburgh: it's about exploring local spaces during lockdown.