Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Stepz Zine – Summary of Upcoming Contributions

The first draft contributions are in for Stepz: A Psychogeography and Urban Aesthetics Zine, so here is a summary of what you can expect in the pilot edition, which will be out in June (in alphabetical order):

Anna Chism
Chism interviews Tina Richardson about her psychogeography bucket list.

William Davis
Davies talks about hostile architecture, surveillance and social control.

Sophia Emmanouil
Emmanouil carries out an urban expedition with her daughter, turning it into a collage.

Jim Lawrence
Lawrence contributes a Ballardian fiction on Southampton’s underbelly.

Niall McDevitt
Max Reeves illustrates McDevitt’s essay on Yeat’s London, with his photographs.

The Psychogeographical Commission
The Psychogeography Commission provide lyrics on the experience of walking in the city.

Marlowe Reeves
Reeves will be including a drawing of urban space.

John Rogers
Evoking William Blake, Rogers offers us a history of Caledonian Park.

S.: discusses place and how memories persist over time and space.

Bobby Seal
In his essay, illustrated by Ian Long, Seal talks about how his health problems have impacted his mountain walking.

Ally Standing
Standing provides a critique of the brutalist architecture in Birmingham.

Tim Waters
Waters offers a textual, cut-up style map of Leeds.

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