Friday 7 June 2024

The Problem With...THE FETISH!


This zine is for anyone interested in 'love tokens', both historic and contemporary, and capital as theoretical subjects. The author uses key cultural studies critique from political and psychoanalytical theories in order to analyse and compare the two subjects.

Both these theories cover, amongst many other things, the way objects are fetishised and hence how they are removed from their ‘true’ origins. Here the author looks at desire (sex/romance) and capitalism (money/production) by providing a number of examples of how they are connected.

The zine is A5 size and includes text and coloured images and is available in both hard copy and digital format. The cover is coloured card (colour not specified).

Price: The zine is £4.90 and postage for UK comes under standard letter. Please enquire for international postage. The digital copy of the zine is £2.50 and will be provided via an email account.

Please note: This is a handmade zine and, by definition, will consequently have imperfections.

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