Wednesday 1 May 2024

On Waking & Walking...

This booklet is for anyone interested in experimental prose/poetry, wordplay, philosophy, psychogeography, walking, psychoanalysis, and dreams, amongst other themes. The text steps in and out of wakefulness via the movement of walking. It is both a play on words and an expression of the author’s interests as both a psychogeographer and an academic who studies psychoanalytic theory. The texts included here range from poems that reflect dream-like states, to rhythmic verses that imitate the act of walking itself. The prose texts involve imaginary interviews with people both real, dead, and fictional, and experiential texts on actual walks. Some of the contributions also include experimental forms that are coextensive with the contents of the text themselves.

The following is an endorsement by Phil Dickinson/Mere Pseud (Bowling Green State University/Crystal City):
Wa(l)king through the sixteen stations in T Richardson's newest zine is a desire-path pilgrimage of becoming-self, becoming-word, becoming-footfall, becoming-synapse, an uncanny encounter with "something that tugs and twists inside." Sixteen stepz across thresholds & wormholes of concrete poetry, mindfall mazes of mythic conversation, I/eye as iteration, creativity as cloud-edge congealment, movement as mantra, suturing a self stitched back through the science of ghosts to deathfugue & dreams & purloined theorylines even as the wa(l)king mind evaporates like breath forward!, forward!, out&into the pink significations of the mall. Highly recommended!
The booklet is A5 size with a coloured high-gloss cover. The text inside is black and white.

Price & Postage
Hard copy: £5.90
Digital copy: £3.50
Postage: 1 copy is standard letter class for UK mail. Please enquire for further details or international prices.

Please Note
This booklet is made/produced by the author and not 'mass-produced' so, by definition, may have some imperfections.

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