Monday 12 February 2024

The Problem With...KITSCH!

This zine is for anyone interested in kitsch from an everyday or academic perspective. The author provides her own kitsch objects, alongside some well-known ones, in order to explore and critique kitsch throughout its history. 

The zine is A5 size and includes text and black and white images (highly illustrated). The cover is coloured card (colour not specified). The contents includes, among other subjects: kitsch from the 19C, sixties kitsch and contemporary kitsch. Here is the contents page:

The zine is £3.90 and postage for UK is either 2nd class (0.75) or first class (1.25). Please enquire for international postage (cheapest US postage is currently £2.20). Please note: This is a handmade zine and, by definition, will consequently have imperfections.

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