Thursday, 1 September 2016

Psychogeography News - September 2016

The Fourth World Congress of Psychogeography
At the University of Huddersfield 9-10 September, this conference is for anyone interested in urban space and/or walking. There are talks and walks for all the family. All events are free, but some need to be booked due to numbers. Held at Heritage Quay. Click here for full programme and you can find out more about my own talk here.
A Walk in Victoria Park
Travis Elborough and John Rogers walk around Victoria Park in London and discuss the history of parks in the UK. Click here for the 30min film. Travis will also be the keynote speaker at the Fourth World Congress of Psychogeography (above).
You can read an article by Alex Bridger, Sophie Emanouil and Rebecca Lawthon about a psychogeography project carried out at a local arts/community project: “This project was driven by three aims, which were: to do community group-work in order to produce contributions both inside and outside of the University; to use a psychogeographical approach to playfully critique everyday life in consumer capitalist society, and finally, to consider the extent to which wider personal and political changes could be enabled.” Click here for the full article.
Inspiral London
A festival of urban exploration in London 22-25 September: “4 days of stimulating urban exploration, talks, dialogues, discussion, exchange and artistic interventions, about and on London’s new spiraling pathway.” Click here for the details.
Interview with Sam Cooper, Author of The Situationist International. You can access some extracts from Laura Oldfield Ford’s Savage Messiah here. You can find out more about Travis Elborough and Alan Horsfield’s new book Atlas of Improbable Places here. And you can read about Simon Springer’s new book The Anarchist Roots of Geography here.
Urban Space
You can read the following by clicking on the links: The National Trust celebrates brutalist buildings, the history of graffiti, and John Rogers and Iain Sinclair look at London’s Mounds.

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