Tuesday, 24 August 2010

The Headingley Hole

A hole appeared in Headingley High Street today. I'm not sure if it leads to Hades or Atlantis, but the workmen found it when digging, rather than it being discovered by a surprised motorist while driving over it. I spoke to them and they let me take photos:

Apparently the workmen simply found a "void" when they were digging for the purpose of working on utility pipes.

You can only drive one way along the High Street and cannot enter from the lower side of Headingley.

Here is the traffic report from BBC online:

Headingley road hole causes traffic delays


  1. There has been some discussion on secretleeds.com and myself and others have speculated that it might be the air raid shelter whose escape hatch is in the pavement in front of Boots. No-one seems to have put the two together yet.

  2. That would be really interesting if that were the case. Did you see it? It's all covered over now...