Friday, 1 July 2016

Psychogeography News - July 2016

London Overground
Iain Sinclair and John Roger’s new film. Here’s a link to the film and to a talk by them both on 22 July.

Architecture and the City
Click here for some Guardian photos: The Brutalist World: From Rotterdam’s ‘Vertical City’ to Tokyo’s Capsule Tower. Here for a blog about London’s famous gyratory: An Ode to Old Street Roundabout. And, here for a poet’s take on King’s Cross: Talking Mysticism, Spirituality and Salvation with King's Cross Poet Aidan Dun.

Mythogeography – A Manifesto
The Crab Man on his experimental approach to site performance. Click here for the link.

“My work is an investigation and exploration of walking, space and site. Working predominantly with drawing and found objects, I create installations that can be ‘experienced’. I employ detailed hand crafted elements, contrasted with the use of low-fi methods of replication, such as photocopiers and scanners. I am intrigued with the concept of psychogeography, and find my role as artist therefore extends into that of cartographer and topoanalyst.” Click herefor the blog.

Mapping the Paris Commune
“The events that occurred in the last month of La Commune — the socialist government that briefly ruled Paris from March 18 to May 28, 1871 — are mapped out in this extraordinary plan, drawn up by Mr. L. Meunier and P. Rouillier in 1871 in a simple yet informative manner.” Click here to go to the Charnel-House website.

Deep Mapping by Les Roberts
Les Roberts lectures in the School of the Arts at the University of Liverpool. His research interests and practice fall within the areas of spatial anthropology, urban cultural studies, cultural memory, and spatial humanities. With a background in anthropology and cultural studies, his work explores the intersection between space, place, mobility, and memory with a particular focus on film and popular music cultures. You can download the whole book in .pdf format for free here.

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