Monday, 1 June 2015

Walking Inside Out - Stoke Newington Lit Fest Book Talk

Walking Inside Out: Contemporary British Psychogeography
Edited by Tina Richardson

Date/Time: Saturday 6th June 3.00-4.00
Venue: The White Hart, Stoke Newington, London N16 8EL

Talk Outline
Tina Richardson will be talking about how a critical form of walking in our towns and cities can transform our relationship with them. Psychogeography can be used by anyone as a tool to explore urban space and reveal a sense of place in the built environment. Reading from her new edited volume – Walking Inside Out: Contemporary British Psychogeography – Tina will look at ways we can see beyond the homogenised world of urban planning to a multiplicity of radical new experiences and hidden worlds in our everyday spaces.

Tina is an independent scholar and psychogeographer. She became interested in psychogeography in 2009 when researching the Situationist International and set up Leeds Psychogeography Group that year, running it at the university till 2013. She is now a writer/editor and guest lecturer. Tina is currently editing a magazine called S T E P Z, which will be published in June. Walking Inside Out will be released in July.

Unofficial Britain
Tina’s talk will be part of the 'Unofficial Britain' section of Influx Press’ 'Alternative Voices' event which begins at 1.00 in The White Hart. Please click here for full details of the afternoon.

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