Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Psychogeography News - June 2016

Language, Landscape and the Sublime
Symposium on 29th June in Devon: “This two-day symposium draws together artists and thinkers from a wide range of disciplines to explore ways in which landscape –– and the ways we represent it –– connects deeply to our lives and underpins our relationship to the world.” Click here for further info.

The Poetics of Place
A new app that highlights the hidden histories of place. A project by Sarah Cole and the British Library. (apologies for the annoying ad that pops up). Click here: The Creator’s Project.

Bimbling About
“Dr Alex Bridger argues that psychogeography – basically wandering around or bimbling – provides important insights into the nature of society and the urban environment.” Click here: University of Huddersfield.

The Co-ordinates Society
The Co-ordinates Society is “an eclectic mix of pieces from geographers and geographically-oriented creative individuals. Through this collection we hope to inspire others to thoughtfully explore, create, and connect with each other and the world around us.”

Urban Sketchers Meet Social Science Researchers
“Lynne Chapman, an urban sketcher and illustrator, is working as an Artist in Residence at the Centre documenting its life and work, and working with researchers to explore the similarities between sketching and qualitative research in the ways they interpret and represent everyday lives.” Click here for the article by Lynne Goodacre.

General Psychogeography Posts, News and Events
Article in the Broughton Spurtle. Blog post about Pleasureland in Southport. Article about the dangers for women on walking in the city: Rhythms of Fear.

My Stuff
A series of online lecture on cultural theory and psychogeography: the two that may be of interest are: What Does the Map Represent? and Are You Interpellated? And an article that was published in Driftmine about a documentary film on the geography of loss and cultural amnesia: Setting Up a World.

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