Friday, 1 April 2016

Psychogeography News - April 2016

Civic Pride
A psychogeographical essay by Nigel Ball on civic pride, parks and gentrification, with accompanying map.

Psychogeography Blogs
Scriberpunk’s A Psychogeographical Journey and David Petts’ Outlandish Knight.

Getting Started With Psychogeography
A link on the Scottish Book Trust’s website.

Call for papers (deadline April 17th) for a conference in Orkney on the boundary between urban/rural. Also connected, this blog.

April Events
City Horizons: talk by Tristram Hunt MP on how resurgent cities will reshape the UK. Land2 conference at Plymouth University.

Walking the Radical Talk
An essay by the psychogeographer and academic Alex Bridger on psychogeographical psychology.

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