Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Psychogeography News - August

Loitering With Intent Exhibition
The Loitering With Intent Exhibition is now on in Manchester and will be open for the rest of the summer. There is lots to see there and also many eventshave been arranged. You can download a free zine here which accompanies my collaboration with Ally Standing at the exhibition ‘STEPZ II: Between the Rollerama and the Junk Yard’. You can also view a film which accompanies Eamonn McCrory’s work at the exhibition.
Books and Films
Les Roberts’ Deep Mapping is available in pdf to download 
here. Upcoming book Vanishing Streets by J. M. Tyree – you can find out about it here. You can read my review-essay of Travis Elborough’s A Walk in the Park here. You can watch Phil Smith’s The Blazing World Walks here. And you can view of list of psychogeography-related films on the BFI’s website here.
Walking Stuff
Find out about 
The Walking Library. Read a The Guardian article: ‘A tribute to female flâneurs: the women who reclaimed our city streets’. Will Self has been walking in Manchester’s Soap Street. The Evening Standard’s article: ‘Why stressed out Londoner’s should start walking around the city’.
Pokemon Go
Read the Jacobin’s article: 
‘Resist Pokemon Go’. Read a Situationist take: ‘Live in the Moment’.

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