Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Maps of Competence - Félix Guattari

Extract from The Machinic Unconscious (1979) by Félix Guattari:

Maps themselves are like laboratories where experimentations on tracings are set in interactions. Thus, here the map is opposed to the structure; it can open itself in all its dimensions; it can also be ripped apart; it can be adapted to all kinds of assemblies. A pragmatic map can be started by an isolated individual or a group, it can be painted on a wall, it can be conceived as a work of art, it can be conducted as a political action or as a mediation. For a type of performance, a particular assemblage of enunciation, or a redundant tracing being given, what is important is determining whether or not it modifies the unconscious map of a local pragmatic competence. (page 172)

Axis of Exploration and Failure (schizocartography)
Guattari's Schizoanalytic Cartographies
On Massumi's Logic of Relation

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