Saturday, 22 October 2011

40647? Qué?

I took this image on the University of Leeds campus this morning while on a psychogeographical trip around St Georges Field cemetery. I then went into the union to get a coffee and picked up the Leeds Student newspaper and found this short article:

On returning home I checked it out on the University of Leeds website, but they are clearly keeping tight-lipped. However, there is much speculation on twitter with #40647 now having its very own hashtag. This is what the University of Leeds official twitter account says in response to all the conjecture: "Lots of you are asking what the 40647 numbers on campus mean. All will be revealed soon..."

University of Leeds on Twitter


  1. wow - you got me intrigued now! (oh, and Leeds Student forgot to add: the number of times they have astutely defended, and demonstrated, their will to remain utterly and proudly clueless. What kind of culture do they defend and propagate anyway?)

  2. Apparently it was announced last night on Leeds Student Radio @LSRfm but I didn't tune in. However, I checked on twitter and here is the maths posted by @LooseMenVIIX the DJs on the particular show on which it was announced:

    The Undergrads + Postgraduate + Support Staff = 40647

  3. Wonder what the point of it is though. Was hoping it wasn't another slightly patronizing drug use awareness campaign like 'what the flock' last year.

  4. I don't remember the drug awareness campaign. The last one I remember was the health and safety one "you + me".