Monday, 6 April 2015

Stepz: A Psychogeography and Urban Aesthetics Zine

The Launch of a New Urban Walking Magazine

Stepz is a new hard copy (and digital) zine which has been set up by the contemporary psychogeographer, Tina Richardson. In the process of completing her edited volume, Walking Inside Out (due out July 2015), Richardson felt that there were voices within the field of psychogeography and urban aesthetics that she was unable to represent due to the limits of space. She set up Stepz as a way of expressing these voices. The summer edition, which will be out in June 2015, is a pilot edition and if it proves successful will continue. This is what Richardson says about the zine:
Lately I’ve been thinking about the future heritage of psychogeography. This issue came up when I was writing the conclusion for the new book, which is on what I’ve termed ‘The New Psychogeography’. As part of the conclusion to the book I looked at the previous resurgence in psychogeography – that of the 1990s and the London Psychogeographic Association (LPA). This led me to look at their material and, hence, I started thinking about the more ‘grass roots’ products of psychogeography (like Tom Vague’s zines and the Trangressions journal of the LPA). This material is more creative than a formally published book. I also wanted something that was going to eventually become part of psychogeography’s legacy, in say 20 years. I’ve added ‘urban aesthetics’ to the subtitle of the zine in order to open it up a bit and appeal to a slightly wider audience who might not necessarily know what psychogeography is.
Please note, until there is a dedicated website for Stepz, all information and the first edition will be announced on this blog.


  1. how to get hold of Stepz?

  2. Hi Roger. Thanks for your enquiry. I'll be posting a free downloadable copy here on my blog when it's out - circa June. Is that OK? I don't have a dedicated website for it yet. Cheers, Tina