Saturday, 9 January 2010

Leeds Psychogeography Group

I set up Leeds Psychogeography Group in 2009 and it ran till 2012. Talks were held in term time at the University of Leeds and were available to people inside and outside academia. Speakers were invited to talk to the group on a variety of subjects relating to the city, urban space, the Situationists, human/urban/neo-geography, urban walking, local history. During this period we had speakers from many backgrounds, including artists, geographers, writers, urban walkers and film-makers. Walks were also organised on a regular basis. While there are no longer any talks, you can still subscribe to a psychogeography news mailing list and/or join Leeds Psychogeography Group on facebook (see below). I use the mailing list to keep people updated on anything psychogeography related including: conferences and talks; books and films; artworks, walks and performances, etc.

Please note: You are welcome to contact me via my website to go on the mailing list that I maintain for psychogeography related news, or join the group on facebook: Leeds Psychogeography Group

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