Saturday 24 September 2016

Psychogeography Zines - Limited Edition Copies Available

STEPZ II: Between the Rollerama and the Junk Yard (2016)

This is the special exhibition edition. It was specially created for the Loitering With Intent Exhibition which took place at the People’s History Museum in Manchester in the summer of 2016. The zine has been edited and designed by Tina Richardson and Ally Standing. STEPZ II is inspired by the city of Manchester, Northern Psychogeography and the work of the Mancunian Punk Poet John Cooper Clarke. It combines written pieces with visual elements and is produced on a Risograph machine, creating a unique and vibrant aesthetic. Artwork and zines were made available at the exhibition, but ran out quite quickly. Due to demand we have produced some more of these not-for profit zines. The writing takes the form of poetry, prose and includes images throughout. Size A4. You can find out more about it here, or order a copy for £3.99 here.

Urban Gerbil Zine Bundle

This bundle of psychogeography zines includes STEPZ II, STEPZ I: A Psychogeography and Urban Aesthetics Zine, and Twenty Six Psychogeography Stations:

STEPZ II: Between the Rollerama and the Junk Yard.
See above for info.

STEPZ I: A Psychogeography and Urban Aesthetics Zine
This is a grassroots zine about urban life and city aesthetics. It is written by creative writers, creative non-fiction writers and also those not from a professional writing background. As well as short essays, interviews and poetry, it also includes images specially created for the zine which appear in the form of cut-outs, maps, montages and photographs. Subject matter includes: CCTV surveillance, mountain climbing and W B Yeats. The publication is now in a specialist zine library in the USA and has been included on a course at Bowling Green State University. Edited by Tina Richardson. Size A4.

Twenty-Six Psychogeography Stations
This artist’s book is by Darrant Hinisco (artist and photographer) and is edited by Tina Richardson. It is based on the famous artist’s book by Ed Ruscha Twenty-Six Gasoline Stations. This is a truly psychogeographical artist’s book – just look up ‘Artist’s Book’ on Wikipedia. It faithfully follows Rushca’s format and style. It includes photography and captions throughout, plus an enclosed note from the artist himself. Size A5.

This bundle of three psychogeography zines costs £6.99 and is available here. For further information please contact Tina Richardson here.

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