Monday, 7 March 2022

Ukrainian Dispatches: An Academic’s Account of Fleeing Ukraine


Photo used with permission: CC Abel Polese

Over the weekend I have been in contact with a researcher who subscribes to the same list as myself (critical geography). Abel Polese is an academic at Dublin City University and has been escaping the Russian war in Ukraine. He managed to get his family (and non-human animals) out of the country. He has written accounts of his journey on the (Creative Commons) website Global Voices. Abel said he was happy for me to share his journals with you on my blog. I thought you might be interested in reading about it here, since he is a fellow academic. I would just like to add, the family are now all safe…

1 Fleeing Kyiv with Family and Pets (3 March 2022)

2 The Border (4 March 2022)

3 Angels (5 March 2022)

If anyone would like to donate some money to the Ukraine conflict from the UK, you can go to the Disasters Emergency Committee website here: DEC

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